viernes, 11 de agosto de 2017

PSX Datacenter Update 12-August-2017



I have added today the following game entries to the PSX Datacenter:

Añadidas las siguientes entradas a la PSX Datacenter:

Shichidashiki Unou de Adventure - Katachi 123 2Sai - 4Sai Muke [SLPM-86530] (J)
Shichidashiki Unou de Adventure - Kotoba ABC - 0-2-sai Muke [SLPM-86527] (J)
Slotter Mania 8 [SLPS-03520] (J)

PGA European Tour Golf [SLES-02396] (F)(I)(S)

Cross Tantei Monogatari [SLPM-86280-1] (J)
Cross Tantei Monogatari 1 - Zenpen [Major Wave Series] [SLPM-86638] (J)
Cross Tantei Monogatari 1 - Kouhen [Major Wave Series] [SLPM-86639] (J)
Neorude 2 [SLPS-01112] (J)
Neorude 2 [Technosoft Collection] [SLPS-02254] (J)
NFL Gameday 2002 [SCUS-94639] (E)
NFL Gameday 2005 [SCUS-94695] (E)
NFL Xtreme [SCUS-94245] (E)
NFL Xtreme [SCES-01490] (E)
NFL Xtreme 2 [SCUS-94420] (E)
N-Gen Racing [SLUS-01155] (E)
N-Gen Racing [SLES-02086] (E)(F)(G)(I)(S)
NHL 97 [SLUS-00030] (E)
NHL 97 [SLPS-00861] (J)
NHL 97 [SLES-00492] (E)
NHL 97 [SLES-00533] (G)
NHL 98 [SLUS-00519] (E)
NHL 98 [SLES-00907] (E)(Fi)(Sw)
NHL 98 [SLES-00512] (G)
NHL 99 [SLUS-00735] (E)
NHL 99 [SLES-01445] (E)(F)(Fi)(Sw)
NHL 99 [SLES-01458] (G)
NHL Blades of Steel 2000 [SLUS-00825] (E)
NHL Blades of Steel 2000 [SLPM-86193] (J)
NHL Blades of Steel 2000 [SLES-02514] (E)
Nicktoons Racing [SLUS-01047] (E)
Nicktoons Racing [SLES-03153] (E)(F)(G)(I)(S)(P)
PGA European Tour Golf [SLES-02061] (E)(G)
Added new descriptions, hires covers & screenshots.

Cross Tantei Monogatari (J) [SLPM-86280-1]
Manual scans cleaned & compiled into cbr by gladiator.

Check them here:

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