viernes, 15 de agosto de 2014

PSX Datacenter Update 16-August-2014



I have added today the following game entries to the PSX Datacenter:

Añadidas las siguientes entradas a la PSX Datacenter:

Superlite 3 in 1 - Card Game Syuu [SLPM-86983] (J)
Superlite 3 in 1 - Arcade Classic Syuu [SLPM-86984] (J)

Angolmois '99 [Superlite 1500 Series] [SLPM-86278] (J)
Carmageddon [SLES-01960] (E)(F)(I)(S)
Carmageddon [SLES-01961] (E)(G)(S)(F)
Carnage Heart [SLPS-00151] (J)
Carnage Heart [SCUS-94604 & SCUS-94964] (E)
Carnage Heart [SCES-00441] (E)(F)(G)(I)(S)
Carnage Heart [Artdink Best Choice] [SLPS-02540] (J)
Carnage Heart [SuperLite 1500 Series] [SLPM-87239] (J)
CART World Series [SCUS-94416] (E)
Carton-Kun [SLPS-02935] (J)
Casper [SLUS-00162] (E)
Casper [SLES-00045] (E)(F)(G)
Castlevania Chronicles [SLUS-01384] (E)
Castrol Honda World Superbike Team VTR [SLES-02942] (E)(F)(G)(I)
Castrol Honda VTR [SuperLite 1500 Series] [SLPM-86922] (J)
Cat the Ripper 13 Ninme No Tanteishi [SLPS-00908] (J)
Cat the Ripper 13 Nin Me no Tanteishi [Best Price 2500] [SLPS-02864] (J)
Catan Die Erste Insel [SLES-02825] (G)
Catch! Kimochi Sensation [Pandora Max Series vol.4] [SLPS-02712] (J)
Championship Manager Quiz [SLES-03634] (E)
Championship Motocross featuring Ricky Carmichael [SLUS-00790] (E)
Championship Motocross featuring Ricky Carmichael [SLES-02200] (E)
Chaos Control [SLPS-00168] (J)
Crazy Balloon 2000 [Superlite 1500 Series] [SLPM-86660] (J)
Dirt Champ: Motocross No.1 [SLPS-02146] (J)
Space Chaser 2000 [Superlite 1500 Series] [SLPM-86661] (J)
Superlite 1500 Series - Card II [SLPM-86298] (J)
SuperLite 1500 Series - Hanafuda II [SLPM-86319] (J)
Superlite 1500 Series - Qix 2000 [SLPM-86659] (J)
Added new descriptions, hires covers & screenshots.

Saiyuki Journey West [SLUS-01381] (E)
Manual scans by Specialt1212, cleaned & compiled into cbr by gladiator.

Check them here:

Have fun and if you can help us with the missing information (covers, descriptions, cheats, etc.) please do it.

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