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PS2 Datacenter Update 14-April-2014



I have added today the following game entries to the PS2 Datacenter:

Añadidas las siguientes entradas a la PS2 Datacenter:


  1. Amagami [SLPS-25918] (J)
  2. Amagami [EBKore+] [SLPS-25987] (J)
  3. Amagami [EBKore+ Limited Edition] [SLPS-25989] (J)
  4. Gundam True Odyssey - Ushinawareta G no Densetsu [SLPS-25520] (J)
  5. Gundam True Odyssey - Ushinawareta G no Densetsu [PlayStation 2 the Best] [SLPS-73246] (J)
  6. Interlude [SLPS-25283] (J)
  7. Interlude [Best Version] [SLPM-66554] (J)
  8. Interlude [Best Version Pandora Box] [INCH-0003] (J)
  9. Kero Kero King Super DX [SLPS-25319] (J)
  10. Maken Shao [SLPS-25043] (J)
  11. Maken Shao [Limited Edition] [SLPS-25042] (J)
  12. Maken Shao [Atlus Best Collection] [SLPM-65144] (J)
  13. Monster House [SCKA-20084] (E)
  14. Red Ninja - Kekka no Mai [SLPM-65945] (J)
  15. Rule of Rose [SCPS-15093] (J)
  16. Rule of Rose [SCAJ-20168] (Ch)
  17. Samurai [SCPS-51005] (J)
  18. Samurai [SLPS-20178] (J) 
  19. Samurai Kanzenban [PlayStation 2 the Best] [SLPM-74405] (J)
  20. Samurai Kanzenban [PlayStation 2 the Best Reprint] [SLPM-74222] (J)
  21. Tales of Legendia [SLPS-25533] (J)
  22. Tales of Legendia [PlayStation 2 the Best] [SLPS-73242] (J)
  23. Tales of Legendia [SCAJ-20145] (J)
  24. Tales of Legendia [SCKA-20050] (K)
  25. Wand of Fortune [SLPM-55177] (J)
  26. Wand of Fortune [Limited Edition] [SLPM-55176] (J)


  1. Alias [SLUS-20673] (E)
  2. Alone in the Dark [SLUS-21690] (E)
  3. Marvel Ultimate Alliance [SLUS-21374] (E)
  4. Monster House [SLUS-21400] (E)(F)
  5. MS Saga - A new dawn [SLUS-21270] (E)
  6. Red Ninja - End of Honor [SLUS-20714] (E)
  7. Ribbit King [SLUS-20837] (E)(S)
  8. Rule of Rose [SLUS-21448] (E)
  9. Tales of Legendia [SLUS-21201] (E)
  10. Way of the Samurai [SLUS-20407] (E)


  1. Alias [SLES-51821] (E)(F)(G)(S)
  2. Alias [SLES-51822] (I)
  3. Alone in the Dark [SLES-54883] (I)
  4. Alone in the Dark [SLES-55207] (E)(F)(G)(S)
  5. Alone in the Dark [SLES-54884] (E)
  6. Maken Shao - Demon Sword [SLES-51058] (E)
  7. Marvel Ultimate Alliance [SLES-54123] (E)(I)
  8. Monster House [SLES-54215] (E)(F)(G)(S)
  9. Monster House [SLES-54216] (I)
  10. Monster House [SLES-54217] (E)
  11. Red Ninja - End of Honor [SLES-53025] (E)
  12. Red Ninja - End of Honor [SLES-53026] (E)
  13. Ribbit King [SLES-52466] (E)(F)(G)(I)(S)
  14. Rule of Rose [SLES-54218] (E)(F)(G)(I)(S)
  15. Top Gun [SLES-54664] (E)(F)(G)(I)(S)(Du)(P)(Sw)(N)(D)(Fi)
  16. Way of the Samurai [SLES-50921] (E)(F)(G)

Alias [SLES-51821] (S)
Manual scans, cleaned & compiled into cbr by gladiator.

Check them here:

Have fun and if you can help us with the missing information (covers, descriptions, cheats, etc.) please do it.

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