viernes, 16 de agosto de 2013

PSX Datacenter Update 17-August-2013



I have added today the following game entries to the PSX Datacenter:

Añadidas las siguientes entradas a la PSX Datacenter:

  1. Blend X Brand [SLPS-02818] (J)
  2. Blend X Brand [Best Price 2500] [SLPS-03224] (J)
  3. Miracle Jim no - Bassing Beat [SLPS-01227] (J)
  4. Miracle Jim no - Bassing Beat 2 [SLPS-02859] (J)
  5. Missland 2 [SLPS-01715] (J)
  6. Mobile Suit Gundam [SLPS-00035] (J)
  7. Mobile Suit Gundam [PlayStation the Best] [SLPS-91011] (J)
  8. Mobile Suit Gundam - Perfect One Year War [SLPS-00920] (J)
  9. Mobile Tomodachi [SLPM-87151] (J)
  10. Möbius Link 3D [SLPS-01281] (J)
  11. Monster Punish [SLPS-02491] (J)
  12. Moritaka Chisato Safari Tokyo [SLPM-86130-1] (J)
  13. Motteke Tamago with Ganbare Kamonohashi [SLPS-01242] (J)

  1. MLB 2000 [SCUS-94359] (E)
  2. MLB 2001 [SCUS-94478] (E)
  3. MLB 2002 [SCUS-94638] (E)
  4. MLB 2003 [SCUS-94653] (E)
  5. MLB 2004 [SCUS-94689] (E)
  6. MLB Pennant Race [SCUS-94507] (E)

  1. Monte Carlo Games Compendium [SLES-03813 & SLES-13813] (E)
  2. Moorhen 3 - Chicken Chase [SLES-03846] (E)(F)(G)
  3. Moorhuhn 2 - Die Jagd Geht Weiter [SLES-03278] (G)
  4. Moorhuhn Kart [SLES-04122] (G)
  5. Moorhuhn X [SLES-04174] (E)(G)
  6. Moorkokin 3 - ¡La Caza Del Pollo! [SLES-03898] (I)(S)
  7. MTV Sports - Pure Ride [SLES-03162] (E)(F)(G)

  • Battle Arena Toshinden 2 [SLUS-00220] (E)
  • Battle Arena Toshinden 2 [SCES-00232] (E)
  • Battle Arena Toshinden 2 [SLPS-00200] (J)
  • Battle Arena Toshinden 2 Plus [Playstation the Best] [SLPS-91006] (J)
  • Battle Athletess - Daiundoukai GTO [SLPS-01548] (J)
  • Battle Athletess - Daiundoukai GTO [Major Wave Series] [SLPM-86526] (J)
  • MTV Sports - Pure Ride [SLUS-01231] (E)

Added new descriptions, hires covers & screenshots.

  • Porsche Challenge [SCES-00409] (E)(F)(G)

Manual scans by Sunrise, cleaned & compiled into cbr by gladiator.

Check them here:

Have fun and if you can help us with the missing information (covers, descriptions, cheats, etc.) please do it.

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