viernes, 5 de abril de 2013

PSX Datacenter Update 6-April-2013



I have added today the following game entries to the PSX Datacenter:

Añadidas las siguientes entradas a la PSX Datacenter:

  1. Druid - Yamie no Tsuisekisiya [SLPS-01246] (J)
  2. Duke Nukem - Total Meltdown [SLPS-01557] (J)
  3. Dungeon Creator [SLPS-00349] (J)
  4. Dungeon Creator [Limited Edition] [SLPS-00370-1] (J)
  5. DX Monopoly [SLPS-02943] (J)
  6. DX Monopoly [The Best Takaramono] [SLPM-87133] (J)
  7. DX Shachou Game [SLPS-02105] (J)
  8. DX Shachou Game [The Best Takaramono] [SLPS-03071] (J)
  9. DX Shachou Game [PSOne Books] [SLPM-87345] (J)
  10. Sangoku Musou [SLPS-00731] (J)
  11. Sangoku Musou [Playstation the Best] [SLPM-86151] (J)
  12. Sangoku Musou [Koei Teiban Series] [SLPM-86860] (J)

  1. Ducati World Racing Challenge [SLUS-01025] (E)
  2. Duke Nukem - Total Meltdown [SLUS-00355] (E)
  3. Dune 2000 [SLUS-00973] (E)
  4. Dynasty Warriors [SLUS-00438] (E)

  1. Dreams to Reality [SLES-00714] (E)(F)(G)(I)(S)
  2. Ducati World Racing Challenge [SLES-02821] (E)
  3. Duke Nukem - Total Meltdown [SLES-00703] (E)
  4. Duke Nukem - Total Meltdown [SLES-00987] (F)
  5. Dune 2000 [SLES-02247] (E)
  6. Dune 2000 [SLES-02248] (F)
  7. Dune 2000 [SLES-02249] (G)
  8. Dune 2000 [SLES-02250] (S)
  9. Dynasty Warriors [SLES-00885] (E)

  • All Star Tennis [SLES-03963] (E)
  • All Star Tennis '99 [SLES-01433] (E)(F)(G)(I)(S)
  • Alnam No Kiba - Fang of Alnam [SLPS-00173] (J)
  • Alone in the Dark 2 [SLPS-00141] (J)
  • Alone in the Dark 2 - One Eyed Jack's Revenge [SLUS-00239] (E)
  • Alone in the Dark - Jack is Back [SLES-00037] (E)(F)(G)(I)(S)
  • Alundra [SLES-01135] (E)
  • Alundra [SLES-01198] (F)
  • Amerzone - The Explorer's Legacy [SLES-02347 & SLES-12347] (E)
  • Amerzone - Das Testament des Forschungsreisenden [SLES-02348 & SLES-12348] (G)
  • Amerzone - El Legado del Exporador [SLES-02349 & SLES-12349] (S)
  • Amerzone - Il Testamento dell'Esploratore [SLES-02350 & SLES-12350] (I)
  • L'Amerzone - Le Testament de L'Explorateur [SLES-02346 & SLES-12346] (F)

Added new descriptions, hires covers & screenshots.

FIFA Football 2005 [SLES-04169] (S)
Manual scans, cleaned & compiled into cbr by gladiator.

Check them here:

Have fun and if you can help us with the missing information (covers, descriptions, cheats, etc.) please do it.

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